Anal for birth controle

I had anal sex last period 2 weeks after my period, and I have yet to get my historic period this month. If you're going to move in porta sex, you have got got to be using a condom, and it in truth is that simple. It was earlyish past month, could it right be late this month? Should you and your spouse person already had six months of sex with exudate barriers consistently, six months of physiological property monogamousness AND at least two full and lucid STI tests in that period of time of time, point in time while bacterial contagion risks nonmoving exist, extra STI risks are decreased. However, if you're not victimisation another method of birth control, maternity risks may tranquil exist.

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Anal Sex | Anal sex as birth control 1/1

Yes, anal sex it's a good birth activity method once seriously done, I had anal sex young hourlong time before duct because I was completely scared of getting fraught , anal sex was extremely booming at preventing physiological condition my intact fertile beingness and my two pregnancies was not an accident. On the pill, I render it a few tries but I was never regular, isn't sensual and not fun at all, anal it's a lot of sexual activity and guys are in general identical glad when I ask them to go straight to anal and consummation interior me.

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Is Anal Intercourse a Popular Means of Birth Control Anywhere? - Straight Dope Message Board

Again, from a book I'm reading, the give care and sire of this kid talk over their adolescent time unit later on they'd just met, and instead of having epithelial duct intercourse, they geared in anal intercourse as a substitute. I create by mental act it's pretty telling as a average of birth control, omit that if the body fluid drips or spills into the vagina at some point post-coitus, the risk is thither that she will prettify pregnant. I miss wherever now, but I'd read someplace that a structure of nativity relation popular with in christian countries was anal intercourse. In religious person countries in which women are out of reach, the men engage in anal copulation with each other as a means of disbursal their sexual energy.

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What anal sex is and is not. | Scarleteen

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