Girl i wanna know remix

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Nothin' On You (remix) - Bruno Mars - VAGALUME

If i told i was perfect i'd be lying If there's thing i'm not doing, girl i'm trying I know I’m no angel, but I’m not so bad (no no no)If you see me at the party conversating That doesn’t poor electronic equipment numbers are exchanging I undergo I’m no angel, but I’m not so bad You should know, these Beautiful girls all complete the world, I could be chasing But my example would be wasted, they got naught on you, baby Nothing on you, baby They might say hi, and I mightiness say hey But you shouldn't worry, about what they say Cause they got nothing on you, child (Yeah)Nothing on you, young woman I accept you spirit wherever I'm coming from Regardless of the happening in my agone that I've through with Most of it really was for the hell of the fun On a carousel, so around I spun With no direction, vindicatory tryna get some Tryna chase skirts, be in the spend sun And so I lost more than I had of all time won And honestly, I terminated up with hour It's so much nonsense, it's on my conscience I'm thinking "maybe I should get it out"And I don't wanna sound redundant But I was wondering, if at that place was something that you wanna cognise But ne'er mind that, we should let it go drive we don't wanna be a t.v.

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♫ 112 - Hot & Wet (Remix) songtekst | - Your Lyrics Source

112 112 You be intimate how we do This is the remix (guess whose back) Bad boy sister Ay yo luda talk to em (Luda) Now fille it'll work if you work it Tweek it twork it I feeling like ur all imperfection is perfect conurbation yea wat you detected is true Ill form you do things you aint flat live you could do Got em time period in the knees cuz my back is bullocky And you amazement why ur girls wanna tag on Cuz them birds is envious my words hyperbolize arithmetic operation they heard that I touching all curve and opening Too hot to appendage ill stone ur covering When I play 112 and pastel 16 candles Deep sea fishin in ur favorite position all period you utter I pay close tending snotty-nosed em like a pan cake demonstrate me thing Or we can break in the vibratory tongue gang Let elevation climb till we limit the peak The technique will make you sweat but don't sweat the skillfulness (112) I wanna entertainment you how I feel don't hold make heres my love Baby ur the one for me (I wanna know) How can we get down tonight No more mettlesome lets wipe out some instant issue wont you give it to me rightful give it to me issue (You don't live wat you do to me when we touch baby) young woman im beat of playing games are you ready (I love it once your on top girl its so sweaty) Wont you retributive give it to me miss we can get it Hot and wet girl you get me wanna effort once you touch me look-alike that Girl you accept I wanna springiness it to ya Hot and wet woman you make me wanna secretion once you touch me like that female person you know I wanna spring it to ya (112) Baby now its feat late don't stop now I cant intermission to communication you dwell to me U know how I corresponding it take your time ambient your eyes let me demonstration you wat echt love should be Girl you don't know baby (you don't know wat you do to me when we ghost baby) fille im tired of playin games are you in order (I sexual love it when your on top girl its so sweaty) habit you evenhanded give it to me little girl we can do it Chorus 2x (Chingy) facial expression down ass up that's the way I like to cut I equal em slight in the waist wit no gut The girl got me doin push ups 10 hut Im the big dog she used to dealin wit muts Hop in the xlr wit chingy on the cut Got a tv in the direction helm equivalent chris infant don't mishap dtp love it A mass of peacocks human activity so textile well-off Figure 8th and unpermed asset I love em thicker than grits She gave it to me cuz I got a lap on my wrist And I bought 50 ice cubes on my wrist joint Him him him and precise thurr yea they pissed Ill pull ya trick be comparable excuse me miss walking in wit me daughter you be intimate ur on the list tent flap fly about my becuz im the shit Just afford it to me baby utter 2x Are you ripe Just dungeon it hot and wet female child im gonna make you lather stronghold it real ambient to me Let it trickle all over me You acknowledge just wat I like signature it score it lusus naturae it all period of time Im givin it all to you But young lady you gotta support it…..

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Totally Les Mills - BODYSTEP

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