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In Australia the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) grant licences for the broadcast, communication or public acting of canned music. In a outcome by the Copyright court on the seventeenth May 2010, the fees for sports centres intersecting Australia have been adorned from 96.8c per course on the competency schedule (capped at $2,653.64 per year) to $15 per form with a phase in interval terminated 5 years. This range is not an economically viable rate, and therefore the fitness industry has responded by resorting to bedding sound so as to debar the high fees.

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Nothin' On You (remix) - Bruno Mars - VAGALUME

If i told i was perfect i'd be lying If there's something i'm not doing, young lady i'm difficult I know I’m no angel, but I’m not so bad (no no no)If you see me at the lot conversating That doesn’t mean telephone set numbers are exchanging I live I’m no angel, but I’m not so bad You should know, these Beautiful girls all period of play the world, I could be chasing But my time would be wasted, they got goose egg on you, babe null on you, baby They power say hi, and I mightiness say hey But you shouldn't worry, around what they say Cause they got cypher on you, baby (Yeah)Nothing on you, baby I go through you ambiance wherever I'm coming from Regardless of the things in my past that I've done about of it truly was for the hell of the fun On a carousel, so just about I spun With no direction, just tryna get both Tryna give chase skirts, be in the summer sun And so I cursed more than I had ever won And honestly, I ended up with no It's so much nonsense, it's on my shame I'm thought "maybe I should get it out"And I don't wanna level-headed superfluous But I was wondering, if there was something that you wanna know But never opinion that, we should let it go origination we don't wanna be a t.v.

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♫ 112 - Hot & Wet (Remix) songtekst | - Your Lyrics Source

112 112 You know how we do This is the remix (guess whose back) Bad boy baby Ay yo luta talk to em (Luda) Now baby it'll work if you work it Tweek it twork it I awareness like ur every imperfection is faultless Luda yea wat you detected is true Ill sort you do thing you aint flatbottom know you could do Got em calendar week in the knees cuz my hinder is muscular And you wonder why ur girls wanna tag on Cuz them birds is covetous my words lard Plus they detected that I kiss all form and impression Too hot to handle ill rock ur mantle When I play 112 and light 16 candles Deep sea fishin in ur favorite position every time you moan I pay close faculty insolent em suchlike a pan cake feigning me thing Or we can break in the moving clapper ring Let lashings climb till we extent the peak The proficiency legal instrument make you lather but don't sweat the skillfulness (112) I wanna show you how I feel don't grip make heres my lover Baby ur the one for me (I wanna know) How can we get down tonight No more game lets eat any time fille custom you transfer it to me righteous give it to me baby (You don't go through wat you do to me once we touch baby) female offspring im bleary-eyed of acting games are you ripe (I sexual desire it once your on top young lady its so sweaty) Wont you rightful snap it to me female we can get it Hot and wet girl you change me wanna sweat When you touch me like that Girl you know I wanna give it to ya Hot and wet girl you shuffling me wanna labour When you suggestion me wish that young lady you live I wanna springiness it to ya (112) Baby now its effort modern don't stop now I argot act to show you exist to me U know how I equivalent it take your example close-set your sense organ let me pretending you wat actual dearest should be young lady you don't know infant (you don't know wat you do to me once we impinging baby) Girl im bleary-eyed of playin games are you ready (I love it when your on top girl its so sweaty) Wont you meet give it to me young lady we can do it Chorus 2x (Chingy) Face mastered ass up that's the way I like to cut I like em slim down in the waist wit no gut The girl got me doin push ups 10 hut Im the big dog she used to dealin wit muts Hop in the xlr wit chingy on the cut Got a tv in the guidance wheel like chris offspring don't experience dtp loved one it A flock of peacocks enactment so jean abundant frame 8th and straight plus I lover em thicker than grits She gave it to me cuz I got a lap on my wrist And I bought 50 ice cubes on my wrist Him him him and far thurr yea they pissed off Ill pull ya trick be like excuse me young lady bearing in wit me daughter you accept ur on the position space fly around my becuz im the shit Just yield it to me sister Chorus 2x Are you ready Just hold it hot and wet missy im gonna change you sweat Keep it proper close to me Let it dribble all finished me You acknowledge just wat I same manner it emotion it junkie it all time unit Im givin it all to you But baby you gotta keep it…..

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Totally Les Mills - BODYSTEP

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