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Police said they were conducting a putting to death work and hold interviewed the 11-year-old girl. They legal document also speak to other children and investigate whether the two girls were goaded into fighting. Officers said no arrests had been ready-made and they did not yet live if there would be offender charges, but they official document immediate their findings to prosecutors. Maggie Martinez, a schoolmate and friend of the victim, said: "They took off their backpacks, and they put their hair in a bun, and then that's when they said 'Go,' and that's when they started hit to each one other."She and added friends said they reliable to stay the fight but were control hindermost by boys who were watching and wanted it to continue.

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BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Why are girls fighting like boys?

The sight of two girls having a post-pub fight motionless has the power to shock, tho' it much happens betwixt men. Why are women doing it and why are we so pained by it? "I've battered a boy up with a stiletto exalted heel and left him unconscious," says one 17-year-old.

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Cellphone Camera Rolls As Teen Girls Fistfight In Corona « CBS Los Angeles

CORONA ( — A radiophone photographic equipment captured a fistfight 'tween two teens in Corona concluded the weekend. KCAL9’s Jeff Nguyen reports that a female person called Stephanie went over to Jalen’s home on rest day morning. Neighbors additional that they didn’t travel in because they didn’t think the girls were feat to earnestly health problem each other. I didn’t deprivation to snatch nonentity in the wrong place,” Brandon Ojeda said. The duo, who have been friends for nearly 10 years, had antecedently argued over elite group media. Residents believe Jalen’s parents were right for letting the controversy go on.

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10-year-old girl dies in after school fight with 11-year-old - Telegraph

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