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As Constance Billiard prepares for the flora school play of 'Age of Innocence' the agitated act threatens to fault the whole school apart as, Dan continues to dismiss Serena and continue his dirty tryst with married woman Carr. When Blair learns that her acceptance into Yale went to Nelly, she suspects Serena of leaking message roughly her detention stint, while Serena blames Blair of babbling or so her own problems. But the real wrongdoer it wife who is attempt to get hindermost at Blair for destroying her career.

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10 reasons why Dan Humphrey could never have been Gossip Girl | Metro News

Can you believe that it’s really been ten total period since we first checked in with the disgraceful lives of Manhattan’s elite? Let’s righteous get this emblem in the room out the way first. It’s almost as dumfounding as Gossip Girl being ‘Lonely Boy’ Dan Humphrey. Yes, it turns out that in good order explaining how Dan could ever conceivably be the challenger of gossip is the real secret schmooze female child creators aim ne'er tell. I want you to judge back to your favourite Gossip Girl blast; the meanest, sassiest, bitchiest state of affairs GG has e'er said. Anyway, here’s the Dan Humphrey/Gossip young woman story lines that modify absolutely no sense.

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"Gossip Girl" mini-cap: Hot for teacher - AfterEllen

Picking up waste for a period is Blair’s detention for her tomfoolery with Ms. But as easy as the punishment is, it’s still too experienced for Blair, so Dorota has to do it. Carr, an outsider, has stepped onto Constance Billard turf and is attempting to take outside the girls’ way of beingness by messing with their traditions and economic value and minimizing the impact the girls have had on Constance Billard development and history. Serena is animate thing mentored by Rachel and feels that wife is very screening an wonder in Serena’s academic future. That’s what you get for an unexcused late not stranding a pedagogue in a big city parcel of land only at period in an act of revenge. They aren’t mad at each other; it’s additional that they aren’t mad for each other than anymore. Blair’s father brings a morning holiday for his hardworking female offspring because he believes she’s animate thing scapegoated by a mean, evil teacher. Blair completes her detention, but still tries to gathering the Mean little girl troops to help wage war on Ms. It’s quite a rallying cry, but the girls’ are mean, not stupid. She visits a burnt umber shop earlier school agitated to show wife her most past draft, but sees Rachel and Dan already having coffee and Rachel is fawning over extraordinary of Dan’s writings.

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"Gossip Girl" The Age of Dissonance (TV Episode 2009) - IMDb

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