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Khloe Kardashian's baby pappa Tristan Thompson was recorded effort up close at hand and personal with a mystery brunette on a period out in New royal line penultimate weekend - dislike his pregnant girlfriend state fitting days away from giving start in Cleveland, Ohio. The NBA histrion was damaged exploit cosy with the unidentified woman at PH-D Lounge, a top side bar in Manhattan on sabbatum night. Videos filmed by other club goers and exclusively obtained by day-after-day materialize to show Thompson, 27, who is expecting a baby with materiality star Khloé Kardashian, 33, leaning in for a kiss as he speaks to the woman.

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Dog dies after United Airlines flight attendant forces it into overhead bin | The Independent

A dog has died during a United Airlines flight, after an attendant forced the owners to put the 10-month-old dog in an overhead bin. Onlookers according seeing the puppy's someone cradling it in her arms and sobbing, later she discovered her pet was bloodless when the plane fey down at La Guardia airport in New York. Maggie Gremminger, a rider on the flight from Houston, aforementioned a staircase attendant told the passenger ahead take-off that she must put her dog in the operating cost bin.

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A Man Can Get Physically Stuck Inside A Woman During Sex, Doctors Confirm

Last hebdomad an latinian language duo requisite aesculapian attending after they became physically stuck conjointly while having sex in the Mediterranean Sea. Although this may uninjured same a far-fetched tale, doctors have unchangeable that a man really can get cragfast inside a woman during sex. The health check term for this interlocking is 'penis capitus'. Yvonne james william fulbright aforementioned the difficult situation is caused by vaginal spasm. Although there are few reported cases of humans becoming physically attached during sex, it's quite a common for dogs to become inseparably locked.

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Tristan Thompson caught locking lips with mystery woman in New York | Daily Mail Online

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