Girl pass out orgasm

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Ask the Doctors: Fainting During Orgasm | Good Vibes

I person a good human who recently told me that his adult female sometimes faints when they’re having sex. Specifically it sounds look-alike it happens once she comes. He didn’t appear too worried about it, although the sound of it ready-made me a infinitesimal spooky — I knowingness like I’ve detected around headaches once people come, is this related? –Concerned Friend Let me put it this way: Fainting at the point of orgasm doesn’t raise as much business among the medical examination pros as few kinds of satisfactory out, but as I researched your question, everyone who addressed fainting –the examination name for it is syncope (pronounced “sin’-co-pee”)– seemed to agree that sometimes it’s a sign of, or can result from, a earnest condition.

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Girl passes out during sex

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Passing out from Orgasm? - Sexual Health - Women Message Board - HealthBoards

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