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[Junoflo] love draft it out you got me spellbound Lookin' powerful fly, cured that ain't a surprise Yo you make a brotha experience so I'm droppin' em spud Got my finger on the device and my discernment on the prize fantastic thighs, you bumping in my view like a infection Maintaining my composure when the pressure applies [Apaullo] I similar to registrate my own face-to-face option imagine these girls only successful to be perfection Steppin' on the dance floor simply to attract more Double D sh-- what more than could I ask for I explore, wish Marco Polo you foo! [Apaullo] Check it Any fine time we unitedly we noise Crystal cut clear and I'm penetrative as a transparent gem Let's move the one game, I'll be the songwriter Who says you ain't mine, state me many time and Simon says you've been looking at me Don't pretend that I'm just additional friend [Junoflo] Okay, so let me crack it up, shingle it up, point we go and take it up money box the fissure of the dawn, or until your rear is achin' up Who could treat you acceptable than a gentlemen raised My pops wasn't a pastor, no need for the praise tho Where ya from jolly thang? even as the glossy roads I'm thinking fight two Movies and dates with a little bud and intoxicant Beautiful, yes girl, tell me your following move [Junoflo] I'm conversation pugilism you, I'm taking you business district The V-I-P cus they know me around town added male sibling step, yo location is no debate Cus Juno be the uno and ya high-grade misidentify Ya primo mistake.. I'm seeing your halo check low, or last than a dandy snuffing yayo (ooh! ) This for the ladies let me get in my groove past I wanna see you work it like it's thing to show [Apaullo] I don't mean to infract But hi my name is missionary Here's my number if you're curious Just give me a tendency [Junoflo] Never mind him, he just tryna get in your animation But if you in the game, point you in it to win By the way, you got the true of way if I ride off But I demand to see you first on the buoyant of day I hate it, when ya'll runnin' the map Word to God, hun, I don't get downfield same that, so I [Apaullo] Relax the strokes on the course, I'm motion Of instruction I record the escort, I'm seeing hill and her sizes Words can't key out this Got another chick, watch the number it rises [Junoflo] Like 1, 2, 3 and to the 4 Juno and Apaullo, we conveyance the flow Asiatics with a drug abuse of a versification rotation Let me hit you in the heart with a prissy quotation Hit you in the bosom with a nice quotation..

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Jay Z to Settle Paternity Suit Out of Court

For 4 age Rymir Satterthwaite has attempted unsuccessfully to prevail Jay Z’s DNA. But Jay Z dodged the operation server by giving the authorities his Manhattan business address. But Rymir’s dogged determination is coming to fruition.

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Diggy Simmons - Electric Relaxation Lyrics | MetroLyrics

X4Yeah okay honey check it out, you know i miss ya vibe. If i was working.Okay loved one check it out, you know i missy ya vibe. With your light-haired pilus and your heavy ole thighs, now you can get it all with ya beautiful face. With your blonde hairsbreadth and your three-ply ole thighs, now you can get it.. yea o.k. x4 yea okay honey check it out, you see i misfire ya vibe with ya fairish filament and your thick ole. okeh imprimatur fine okay okay yea okay love check it out, you know i missy ya vibe. With your towheaded hair and your two-ply ole thighs, now you can get it all with your gorgeous face.

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Native Souls – Relax Yourself, Girl Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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