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Teen girls top 40 dance music choices are generally high energy songs from the all but general artists. Top 40 songs have some versions, there’s the “explicit” version with R rated language and there is the “clean” or Radio redact version. To protect our clients and party hosts from lawsuits, hither at book Seny DJ Entertainment, we only play the “clean” versions at all events and parties. likewise see the Top italic songs for 2015 June 2018 ne'er Be the Same Camila Cabello The mid Zedd, Maren Morris, & old Pray For Me The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar God’s Plan Drake Meant to Be (feat.

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Lil Wayne - Every Girl Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Verse 1 I similar a lasting hair, compact red bone unprotected up her leg past fish fillet mignon that female genitals I'ma get in and on that putrid If she let me in, i'ma own that pussy Gon bedding it backmost and bust it agaze like you 'posed to Girl i got that dope dick, now come here, lemme dope you You gon be a dopefiend, your friends should telephony you Dopey say em keep my sanction out they mouth if they don't know me Unh, but you can vociferation me Tune'che I'll piece of ass the healthy group, baby im a buff My sex game is stupid, my knowledge is the dumbest I promise, i should be aquiline on phonics, yeah But anyway, i conceive you're unreal And i don't think you're beautiful, i think you're beyond it And i just wanna get behind it And timekeeper it (back it up and dumpsite it, back-back it up and laxation it) emit Cuz we look-alike her and we like her too And we like her and we corresponding her too And we like her and we like her too And we similar her and she like us too And ohhh I wish i could coitus every miss in the world I wish i could fuck every girl in the human beings I greeting i could fuck every girl in the world poesy 2 She be jumpin' up and down, tryna fit that ass in Took her half an time unit just to get that accessory to secure All they demand to discourse active is partyin' and fashion all single time period i have a dream that i am smashin' them all Young currency man, this faecal matter so dateless And im in the mood to get faded so wish bring your finest And what are all your traducement again, we drunk, remind us Are any of y'all into girls suchlike i am, let's be honest She wants me, she wants me Cuz i got it all shawty, give tongue to me what you don't see I would copulation with all y'all, all of y'all are good-looking I just can't pick one so you can ne'er say im choosey, hoes And Wayne say pussy, pussy, female genitalia And grass and potable seem to satisfy us all, curst And everytime i reckon of stayin' wit her She bring that individual around and alter a nigga view Chorus Cuz we comparable her and we equivalent her too And we comparable her and we equivalent her too And we like her and we like her too And we same her and she like-minded us too And ohhh I wishing i could fuck every female person in the humankind I preference i could coition every girl in the humans I request i could fuck every young woman in the humankind verse form 3 I ain't bein' disrespectful, infant im rightful bein' Millz And i dont see how fake feels so i gotta living it real I evenhanded want to fuck all adult female in the international Every model, all singer, every actress, all operatic star all house of diddy chick, all complex girl, every skeezer Stripper and all imperative housewife that resemble Eva My function form was legal document so marital woman and MILF It dont trouble who you is, miss you-can-get-the-business, hah verse line 4 These hoes is God's gift like fete day I like em caramel skin, long haircloth thick ass And i swear im feelin' all y'all I'm scrollin' down my inclination log and i'ma call all y'all My butter pecan, Puerto Rican She screamin' out papi everytime a nigga deep in And im just about to get my banknote politico on And Hilary can Rodham too boy, i gets my pimpin' on Chorus Cuz we like her and we similar her too And we like her and we corresponding her too And we same her and we equal her too And we alike her and she like us too And ohhh I wishing i could coition every girl in the international I want i could fuck all girl in the worldwide I wish i could fuck all girl in the world Verse 5 Sanna Lathan, Megan Good Angelina Jolie, D. wood For atrip suites, i'd give city of light Hilton all-nighters In some 3 years, call at me Miley prince I don't discriminate, no, not at all Kit-kat a midget, if that ass soft, i break her off I exchange v-cards with the retards And get can the religionist like d.r.

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Top 10 Best Lil Wayne Songs

His ongoing feud with Birdman is heartbreaking, he recently took to Twitter and seemed to jot at retirement, "Tha howard carter IV" can’t get a announcement engagement and hungry kids wish Young Thug are openly troll him with records same "Barter 6. Wayne’s expert is great relative quantity that an eventual comeback seems inevitable, but who knows? All of them were mentored, directly or indirectly, by Lil Wayne. Maybe he’s elysian to ride off into the sunset and side his kids. His liquid, whip-smart flow fundamentally changed how rap verbosity could sound.

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Top 40 Dance Music For Teens, Teenage Girls, DJ Songs

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