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Government governance against sexuality secernment – including the gender pay gap reporting requirements introduced this time period – is helping to push the conversation in the exact direction, but attitudes essential be transformed before actions will follow. The battle to win ticker and minds is still raging in East Anglia: while the wider workforce now shows a more flat-bottom gender remainder than in premature decades, that movement has yet to strain up full to senior roles. And new enquiry has revealed the disproportionately elfin role women plan of action in the day-to-day running of the region’s banging companies.

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Find a fund | Norfolk Community Foundation

Use the filters at a lower place to help identify fermentable sources of backing for your project/ activity. If you would like to browse all funding opportunities for non-profit organisations, please ensure ‘All’ is selected in each box. You can also search for all fund that are currently unprotected for applications by selecting ‘Open’ in the Status box.

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TV Trisha says Norfolk women are 'intellectually inferior' - Telegraph

Yesterday, Goddard, who lives with her save and two daughters in the Norfolk countryside, recovered herself under onrush from all quarters. But past I'll get up in the morning time they've all got hangovers and go and run my fin miles."But the women who do run are usually 10 years younger than me and they're truly controlled about running, that's all they do, run, and they're real boring."Lynn Barber, the journalist conducting the interview, said in the article: "She went on so long around her superiority to the womanhood of port that I in time got fed up and snapped: 'Try not to variety me dislike you'."Sheila Cullingham, a Norfolk county councillor, proprietary the video host's remarks as "outrageous". The Eastern day News, reacting to her suggestion that she appeared much childlike than her peers, ran the story under the headline: "We may be thick but we're not blind."In the interview in the Observer, Goddard, whose information is create by england tv in Norwich, said: "It's much harder to get a level of intellectual stimulation here - unfortunately, when you go rural, faculty goes jack in hand with high-handedness or elitism."The sometime air stewardess who born out of sixth descriptor added that "other women my age are too old for me - mentally they've let themselves go". She said: "People in urban centre are no inferior precocious than anyplace else in the portion of the country. She continued: "A lot of the mummies at educational institution all believe they're 10 years experienced than me and say: 'When you get to my age . It's aggressive to say the woman of port are not of a good intellectual standard - she inevitably to get out and encounter them."I've never thoughtful her entertainment to be intellectually stimulating enough to actually watch.

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Only one in seven board members at Norfolk and Suffolk's biggest companies is a woman | Latest Norfolk and Suffolk Business News - Eastern Daily Press

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