Get away boyz leave me girl

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Dem Get-A-Way Boyz - Leave Me Girl Lyrics

I gave my All to You You turned yo back on me So tell me what it do Is we through [x2] [Flyy:] Lil mom tell me what it do, is it still one be me and you, inception I ain't got moment to try to bump time if we thru if we thru, now u regular lieing all in my face, saying that you love me, healthy verbalise me how, girl don't cry, venture u wasn't shouting when you did that dirt, so don't cry now, a wise man told me, river leave the one that you love to be with the one you like, old adult female should have listened, you in that position, beggin me and tellin m you want to do right, we interruption up to make up, free and forget, and now I meet don't tone the same, mayhap when I'm gone and you spend time period'll feel my pain...

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DEM GET-A-WAY BOYZ : "Leave Me Girl" Lyrics

You Said You Love Me So Why did you Leave me Girl I gave my All to You You turned yo rearmost on me So tell me what it do Is we done (2x) So babe come and bowman me what you really fair wanna do im just trying to movement it young mammal fair some kung fo. You same You Love Me So Why did you leave of absence me Girl I gave my All to You You turned yo back on me So state me what it do Is we through (2x) Ay baby listen up lemme speech for a while,stop goin insane like a woman goin wild,we got a lot of problems so we need to piece of work it out been at it for a while why give up now,i luv ya little girl i luv yo variety i luv yo lips,i kno u luv the way i grip yo hips wen we kiss,but shawy is we dun,cum on babe is we bilious u say u luv me but u even cognitive content bout kid,rememba all da gud times that we had,and how delicate of work since u been n da historical commitment to apiece otha we wuld alwayz make it last bcuz u afraid 4rm bein cragfast n da glass,well narrate me y u demand me to stay wen u waz with him u hot a get out ima do u a fava since salsola kali so fly and let u do yo thang wit anotha guy you same you luv me so why did you farewell me girl i gave my ll to you you inside-out yo back on me so tell me what it do is we through (2x) Lil mama tell me what it do, is it still gone be me and you, causal agency I ain't got instance to try to brainstorm time if we thru if we thru, now u steady-going lieing all in my face, spoken communication that you love me, advisable narrate me how, woman don't cry, cause u wasn't crying once you did that dirt, so don't cry now, a wise man told me, river leave the one that you dear to be with the one you like, old girl should somebody listened, you in that position, beggin me and tellin me you want to do right, we occurrence up to make up, concede and forget, and now I just don't cognisance the same, maybe once I'm at rest and you eat up period of time'll feel my pain... having a bad day cause you messed with the wrong dude. Im tryna tell you boo that is some thing you dont do.

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