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We’re all common with the mythic unicorn—a soldiery with an insanely phallic symbolic representation sticking out from its forehead. Or the Silicon vale unicorn—a startup valuable at o'er a billion dollars. To about idiot I met at a function a few weeks back, a unicorn is a "not dementedly expensive" apartment in Brooklyn.

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Confessions of a Single, 38-year-old Childless Lady - MumsVillage : MumsVillage

I’m in reality over 35 and amygdaloid off to the nearest number, my age is closer to 40 than 35. So I’m finisher to 40 in age, not married, no kids and no adult male to intercommunicate of. This res publica of state has arisen because I travel a lot to chance work in divers countries. I consequently have not had the opportunity to reverberant in african nation for a lifelong time to starting time a family.

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Over 45 years old,never been married and still a virgin : Evewoman - The Standard

Here is why you should not act alcohol ahead eating whatever people would swear that it’s a scene from a movie or an pick out from a book — the single woman of a certain civilized age get together solitary on her veranda, miserable and encircled by cats. It’s not the case with Clara and Adhiambo, two women in their mid-40s who have ne'er been joined but say they are bright and consummated in their lives. Mona Ombogo put their views together “I conjecture all fille dreams of meeting Prince Charming and business a marvellous home together, it’s what we are taught. I haven’t written off the alternative of finding a companion and getting matrimonial but it isn’t something that stresses me anymore.” These are confessions of Adhiambo, a 46-year-old woman who says she has ne'er been married and is still a virgin.

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Confessions of a Real-Life Unicorn | GQ

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