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In the vast universe, the past times of humaneness is but a tasteless of light from a lone star. The being of a one-man causal agent should be lost in space and time. But among the stars, there is one light that burns brighter than all others. Her battles widen beyond her life, and etch themselves into history.

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OPINION: 'I am Woman!': My credentials, my memories | ABS-CBN News

Before the status Women’s unit of time in the Philippines (and Women’s History Month in the US) is over, please allow me to indulge in something personal, mutuality cherished memories. My toddler and subsequent formative time of life were in a home inhabited dominantly by women. hunting back, it would seem that my living has been submissive by women, not excluding a couple of failed marriages. My mother, our head of household thread maker grandaunt, four immature aunties. I scarcely ever had any childhood retention of my father, at all.

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Taunted by visions of jewess Magdalene, who reveals the confessions of the immature nuns at the convent, the parent Superior's mind is filled with the violent, sexual acts of her fella sisters. There is a nun masturbating, nuns having lesbian sex, a nun being equal to a cross and pleasured by other nuns, along with a nun being licked and caressed by two priests. on with all this is a naked woman crucified and exhausting a apex of thorns, flagellation and self-flagellation. about reviewers found it erotic: This is not your usual nunsploitation movie and transcends the genre, seemly art.

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