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In the table below you can find a list of broad-minded holidays dates in 2018 year. For from each one entry the sign of the unexhausted days is too shown, except for the dates already in the past.

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Aamir – (Arabic) Prince; ruler Aaren – (Old English) High mountain Aaron – (Hebrew) Enlightened Aaron – (Latin) Mountain Abbon – (Hebrew) church father Abbot – (Latin) priest adult male – (Latin) rest Abhra – (Indian) glumness Abi – (Turkish) senior crony Abir – (Arabic) The fragrant one Abjit – (Indian) subjugation water Absalom – (Latin) root of peace Ace – (Latin) Unity; first-rate Achim – (Latin) Whom God exhalts Adam – (Hebrew) Man of the red earth man – (Latin) Man; earth Addison – (English) Son of Adam Adil – (Indian) Justice given Adoni – (Aboriginal) atmospheric phenomenon physiologist – (Latin) From Hadria Adrian – (Latin) Of the Adriatic. Other forms: Adrien, Arne, river arno Aftab – (Indian) The sun Agrim – (Indian) Leader Ahsan – (Indian) An act of kindness Aidan – (Irish) Little hot one Aiden – (Gaelic) infinitesimal onset Ajay – (Sanskrit) unvanquished Ajmal – (Indian) Holy Akbar – (Indian) regent Akhona – (Xhosa) inst Aklamash – (Indian) Spotless; pure Akmal – (Indian) all Akram – (Indian) The best, fantabulous Aksel – (Norwegian) begetter of ataraxis Alam – (Indian) Universe Alamgir – (Indian) lord of the aggregation Alan – (Gaelic) gynecologist Alan – (Scottish) Handsome Alden – (English) Old friend wood – (German) alder tree tree Aldrick – (Germanic) Old measuring rod Alec – (Greek) Defending men vanquisher – (Greek) defensive men herb – (Greek) preserver of mankind. Other forms: Alex, Xander, Zander Alexius – (Greek) Defender Ali – (Indian) Protected by God Alim – (Indian) Learned; politic Alistaire – (Greek) Defending men Allan – (Gaelic) Rock Aloke – (Indian) Light Alton – (English) Old administrative district Amadeus – (Latin) Love of God Amahle – (Xhosa) The gorgeous ones Amaro – (Portuguese) Dark Amaury – (German) Bravery and ability bishop – (Greek) heavenly Amin – (Indian) boon of God emir – (Indian) moneyed Amohelang – (Sesotho) comprehend Amukelani – (Xhosa) respond Anathi – (Xhosa) They are with us Ancel – (Yiddish) Fortunate; blessed Anders – (Scandinavian) Manly; strong Andile – (Zulu; Xhosa). Andre – (Greek) Man; person Andrew – (Greek) Man; warrior Angelo – (Italian) saint Anjum – (Indian) heavenly body Anjuman – (Indian) encounter Annan – (Celtic) From the motion Anton – (German) Worthy of value Anwar – (Indian) dedicated to the supreme being Aodhgan – (Gaelic) bitty fiery one Archambault – (Germanic) Precious or true Ardal – (Gaelic) soaring valor Arik – (Norse) everlasting somebody Arlan – (Norse) Foreigner; stranger Arlen – (Irish) Pledge.

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2018 Catholic Holidays -

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