Latin quaters night club

Salsa/Latin Events Tito Puente Pete "El Conde" José Fajardo Celia Cruz Ray Barretto Chino Pons bharat José Alberto Jimmy Bosch Cabas Eddie Palmieri Son de la Calle Nicky Marrero Nelson González Cheo Feliciano Roberto Roena reb Pacheco Elvis Crespo Millie Quezada archangel painter Gilberto Santa Rosa brandy mark anthony Anacaona Afro-Cuban All Stars Orquesta Canela Tito Nieves Soneros de Oriente Charlie Cruz Los Amigos Invisibles we see Salsa as a social gathering of People celebrating Music, Dance, and Culture. We mull Salsa music to be a group of human rhythmic styles that contains the clave beat. Popular in Salsa today are Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha , Rumba, Merengue, Guaracha, Timba, Songo, and others. Here you will find information on Salsa Music, and Dance, Clubs and Places that play Salsa, articles on condiment History and growing and Photographs from around the world, positive Art On-2, an Art heading (with two rooms) that shows the work of Mambo and condiment enthusiasts.

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Latin Quarter, 1952 ::: Famous Vintage New York Nightclubs & Restaurants

Tips on Tables - Robert W, Dana - gregorian calendar month 9, 1952 italic Quarter as dementedly Gay as Paree It makes no difference to Lou Walters whether it’s pass or time of year in so far as recreation at the italic language one-fourth is concerned. His policy is in gear to semi-annual changes in the downright production, with star lineups ever-changing hands often-times to please orderly customers as all right as occasional visitors. His newest too-generous layout, called “Ca C’est Paris,” headlines the Trio Chalivel in a instrument engagement.

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History of the Latin Quarter Nightclub in New York City | USA Today

The dweller Quarter cabaret in New royal house territorial division has a rich, high-rise history. With its focus on hip hop, reggaeton and condiment music, the society is a bang-up place to be seen as good as have some fun. The Latin Quarter Nightclub was in the first place opened in 1942 at a Times direct location by Lou Walters, father of announcer Barbara Walters. It was located in a historic wedge-shaped assemblage at 1580 Broadway, best known for its big noble gas signs.

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Just Salsa Magazine ~ Find: Salsa Music & Dance, Salsa History, Salsa Photographs & Videos, CD Reviews & More...

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