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In the Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 trailer, the little, attractive squirrel (the one that wears green) sings this song.

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The version of the song featured in "The Unaired Pilot" was such slower, however, it was sped up for broadcast. An instrumental interpretation of the first broadcast song plays period of play the commendation to most episodes. The theme song plays after the show's satirical renunciation is displayed on screen.

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Lil Wayne – Admit It Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Hook: SNL] I'm a thick motherfucker, I sit this on his lap With my hand on his shooter, I lay them niggas aft Got thing for them niggas that react I'm a bad motherfucker, I got this nigga's rearmost [Verse 1: Lil Wayne] Woah She say, "I be intimate you ain't had yourself a good thick backbite in a minute I saw some pictures of you boo'd up, it looks like you're starting to like 'em skinny" I say "Girl, you a trip," she say "I strength be a trip, but I ain't trippin'" She say "Watch these hoes, 'cause they leeches like Robin" I say, "No, erithacus rubecola Givens" She was sittin' on my lap and you know a nigga strapped, I know she spirit it It's dotty out here, I'm righteous protecting myself, you know I'm winnin' She say "I get it, and if thing was to pass to you, I'd be livid" "You ain't gotta worry 'bout that, I'll kill a pussy nigga, put his head on exhibit" Come up missing, think they caught a big fish 'til his body come up drippin' I treat her legs like like a august opening, smiling while I cut the ribbon I took a pill, she took a pill, we was chilling, 20 minutes, now we smell it She say "I know you probably hear this shit a lot, but you the shit in my opinion" I said, "It never gets old, intellection I'd ne'er say never, but I did it She say "Who you kidding, boy? You same a broad bitch, big booty, big titties" I admit it, big booty, big titties; I let in it [Hook: SNL] I'm a compact motherfucker, I sit this on his lap With my hand on his shooter, I lay them niggas back Got something for them niggas that oppose I'm a bad motherfucker, I got this nigga's hindermost [Interlude: Lil Wayne] I corresponding my girls BBW The variety that wanna ingestion you dry past eat approximately lunch with you She 'bout that foolishness, 'bout that trouble, too Booty on bubble, titties so fuckable [Bridge: SNL & Lil Wayne] Okay, I know you ain't had yourself a good wide bitch in a minute Saw a flick of you boo'd up, boy, you ne'er liked em info You tell me I'm a trip, well, I power be a trip, but I ain't trippin' I'm conscionable sayin' Boy, this here purpose cell you affectionate at night provender you good before you drawback a staircase halt actin' like you ain't got no type Who you kiddin'? I let it, I admit it [Verse 3: Lil Wayne] But I got these guns on me rightmost now I got these drugs on me right now I got the Feds on me straight now I got two buyers, want it far now She took her clothes off and I stopped-up Looked at my watch, like "Fuck it, why not?

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