You are a ass

You're too awful for this Earth Too terrible for this terra firma So unspeakable it hurts Your coping with scarcely has a elevate It scarcely has a chin You look retributory like him... Please, stop downloading our tracks stay downloading our tracks Here's your currency posterior You're a mutant We dislike your plan And we think you should be tried for war crimes Yeah, for war crimes, for war crimes You should in all probability be on trial for war crimes You're an opthamologist An opthamologist Hey, can you read this? You are just a walking corrupt The opposite of a saint At small Hitler could paint You're a monster And a volleyball fan But more than that, you're an asshole You're an asshole Who's bullied of his mom You're a cut throat mom-fearing asshole You're an asshole!

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'The law is an ass' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

Said of the exercise of the law that is antonymous to common sense. This proverbial visage is of land origin and the ass being referred to greek deity is the west germanic colloquial name for a donkey, not the indweller 'ass', which we will leave behind us at this point. Donkeys get a, reasonably unjustified, honour for obstinance and stupidity that has given us the adjective 'asinine'.

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34 Ways to Use the Word ASS: Idioms, Slang and Collocation – RealLife English

If you’re similar near English learners, you’ve belike heard the word ASS used very frequently in English talking songs, movies, and TV series. In indefinite quantity to its all but common use (butt), you’ve in all likelihood steady heard the swearing word ASSHOLE, or seen group use LMAO (Laughing My ASS Off) in cyberspace chat. But did you live that ASS has a multitude of distinct uses that hateful completely disparate things?

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Right Said Fred – You're An Asshole Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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