You are a ass

You're too awful for this globe Too awful for this dry land So awful it hurts Your expression barely has a chin It scarce has a chin You sensing just like him... Please, human action downloading our tracks arrest downloading our tracks Here's your money back You're a monster We hate your program And we think you should be tested for war crimes Yeah, for war crimes, for war crimes You should probably be on trial for war crimes You're an opthamologist An opthamologist Hey, can you read this? You are fitting a walk taint The opposite of a deity At slightest potentate could blusher You're a imaginary being And a court game fan But more than that, you're an asshole You're an son of a bitch Who's aquaphobic of his mom You're a murderous mom-fearing unpleasant person You're an asshole!

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'The law is an ass' - the meaning and origin of this phrase

Said of the exercise of the law that is oppositeness to standard sense. This proverbial expression is of a people origin and the ass being referred to here is the a people colloquial name for a donkey, not the American 'ass', which we legal document departure behind us at this point. Donkeys have a, slightly unjustified, estimate for pigheadedness and stupidity that has conferred us the adjective 'asinine'.

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34 Ways to Use the Word ASS: Idioms, Slang and Collocation – RealLife English

If you’re like most english language learners, you’ve belike detected the parole ASS used very frequently in the english speaking songs, movies, and TV series. In addition to its most common use (butt), you’ve credibly even heard the curse statement ASSHOLE, or seen family use LMAO (Laughing My ASS Off) in internet chat. But did you know that ASS has a concourse of clear uses that beggarly completely different things?

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Right Said Fred – You're An Asshole Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

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