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Heel matches, I’m covering this BGEast structure unshared featuring two true mega-stars of the underground wrestling panorama … I've been an Aryx Quinn fan since his debut, but I feel same I soul statesman matches where Aryx loses in the end than I do wherever he wins. (Please note: It looks equal this match is not available on the main BGEast website) This is a alone kindhearted of underside vs. While both are generally known as heels, they're not the undefeated, unbeatable kind of villain. level once he wins, he might get knocked out or rich person the tables rotated on him post-match.

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Ballbusting Boys - Ballbusting Stories: Jonny Firestorm – King of ball bash wrestling

You feature seen him wreak mayhem on cunning Reese Wells’ poor balls in BGEast’s standard 2008 video “Ball smash 2”. You’ve watched him reordering Reese comic strip naked and put on a small little lash with a bullseye on the pouch. You individual smiled at Reese’s erection poking out of that lash as Jonny tortured his wanted jewels.

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Jonny Firestorm – neverland

I’ve been giving a lot in the give and take of balancing my wrestle infatuation with my day job. Not alone has it taken a bite out of my opportunities to watch new wrestling, I’ve as well not been abidance up with the other superior bloggers covering the scene. So who’s covered Jonny Firestorm and Ty’s wrestle with plume match?

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The Cave: Review: Aryx Quinn vs. Jonny Firestorm (BGEast)

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