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I've been getting this incorrectness the past 6 hours on EVERYTHING I DO that would give me money. Selling a car, being an compeer to a CEO, doing jobs, etc. I can not form any money from any facility other than production it up off of dead bodies. "The dealing failed because Rockstar services accepted too some requests from your game" it clear states in the description of the game that i can earn wealth from heists and buy doomed stuff with the wealth earned!

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Franklin returns his house and patch walk towards the frontmost door hears his aunt Denise about to leave so decides to envelop at the side of the house. He goes to get in the edifice once he hears Lamar Davis, who is walking his dog Chop. piece walking to a van, Lamar explains his mean to kidnap Ballas gangster D.

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Gerald is an low-level of Lamar Davis, as well as a consume dealer for The Families settled in South Los Santos. Gerald serves as a charge benefactor to the player; he often gives the actor missions of hiding drugs from other dealers and gangs - usually the Vagos or The Lost MC, afterward the online player starts working for Gerald. late on Gerald would get arrested because of Lamar's actions with a lowrider delivery for menage OG Vernon. Gerald would have been transported out of Los urban centre by plane to bolingbroke Penitentiary, but would eventually be saved by Online Players dispatched by Lamar during the transport at the airport.

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The transaction failed because Rockstar services received too many requests from your game – Rockstar Support

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