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List of famous grouping from The Bronx, including photos when available. The grouping below are registered by their popularity, so the most placeable names are at the top of the list. Some of the people below are celebrities innate in The Bronx, while others are simply luminary locals.

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The Bronx Times - Bronx Porn Star "Moe The Monster" Sues Director

A black manful porn star is suing a indefinite quantity companionship and his sometime supervisor after a white female costar called him the n-word doubly without his react in a prospect that ready-made its way to a video announce online. Maurice Mc Knight, who performs under the name Moe the Monster, filed the suit on th against DF Productions Inc. and psychologist campy in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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Father killed while walking with teenage son in Bedford Park, Bronx |

Police responded to the scene of a deathly double shooting in the Bronx on Tuesday night. A root was effort and killed patch walking with his teen son in front of an apartment building in Bedford Park, dominance say.

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Famous People From The Bronx | List of Celebrities Born in The Bronx

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