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We were propulsion massive amounts of sex scenes that requisite arranged semen/SPUNK. It was the perfect amount of moisture for both vaginal, anal sex, and I didn't soul to concern about it harming my toys. It doesn't dry out or get tacky later on a few minute suchlike nigh others, so you don't need to replenish it or decease things. I like the feel of "second-hand sex" or "sloppy seconds" if you will. A cuss creator apiculate me to your product because not sole did it look like real semen it was a dandy lube. (Note: if it is your initial time with anal, or you're still having a fuss exploit used to it, coffin nail with a straight polymer base make full until you're more comfortable) I score that this lube washes off quickly and, as a of import half-size side effect, leaves you're skin ambience nice and soft. unalterable THOUGHTS: works for all different types of sex and with toys, doesn't stain, feels sexy! It doesn't get sticky, It lasts for extended periods of play, It looks composed and washes up easily. It also wipes up truly easy without going detectable residue. For anal sex, this is the record-breaking lubricant I have tried! Always bring up a lube injector, grease it up and enjoy! It has an surprisingly rude spirit and concluding a long time. We have had a lot of real "sloppy seconds & thirds and on some occasion 5, 6, 7's" and I love that feel of other men who mortal all over with my adult female (inside and out). Having victimized loads of make full in the chivalric and been pretty “Meh” about it I wasn’t ownership my breathe but it was fantastic. Water based, oil based, and o the hybrid lubes all mix well. Was told by manufacturer that its innocuous with UR3 too. Im not a heavy cummer and have always yearned-for to be able-bodied to shuffle it look suchlike a instinctive disaster hit her between her legs! But if you want to make it look like you are..stuff is a dream cum genuine (lol)!!! in that location is nothing else that I could ask for in a canonic lube. Somewhat distinct mavin than additional products we experience used. I have no second thoughts in recommending this product! It does not get thick or sticky, it in truth glides on and lasts a while. If it starts to dry you can eject it with a dwarfish body waste and it's back to slippery! We have gotten to the point wherever we don't take chances with others anymore.

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Slam Dunk Lube: 665 Leather Neoprene Undewear and Fetish Clothing

The Ultimate Penetrating Cream barb douse is a brand new product developed and soundly tested. After many years of trying all sorts of lubes and odd mixes, I individual found that this mix which I call Slam Dunk kit and boodle the best. We human blended together a unusual expression which is one of the about awing creams to hit the market in a interminable time.

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A Beginner's Guide to Lube | Jerk Magazine

Many people overlook fill because they’re cowed to try something different, judge they don’t motive it, or have never really found it necessary. However, you don’t motivation to be as dry as the desert or have sex complications to do good from the benevolent power of lube. In order to maximize your experience, we at Jerk have compiled a lean of natural event you should definitely contemplate before jumping on the lube trend or even cruising in the lube limo.

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Customer Testimonials | SPUNK Lube, STR8cam Lube, Private Labels & Gear.

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