Bottom of a pint glass

Beer is one of the emeritus beverages developed by civilizations, so we can solitary conceive of the types of intemperance vessels that were first created for beer. Traditionally beer glasses, were made with a specific purpose. For example, the germanic brew writer was improved with a lid to keep fly out of it during the Black Plague.

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Glassware - What is the purpose of an etched glass? - Beer, Wine & Spirits Stack Exchange

A nucleation point on a brewage containerful refers to an etched print or pattern on the inferior of the inside of a brew glass. The etching is titled a nucleation component (or a gismo in the UK) and helps the accomplishment of carbonation and can act a fastened stream of bubble emanating from the etched portion of the glass. I garbage these glasses in pubs as I like a lively larger. This whole caboodle by CO2 releasing (dissolving into gas) when it comes in contact with the rough surface of the nucleation points.

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Pint Glass | 16 oz. Pint Beer Glasses For Sale (24 / Case)

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Types of Beer Glasses 101

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