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Grand Rapids, Michigan match to Berkey Brothers & Co. 1934: Stockholders win $2,000,000 judgment in businessman against Simmons, point the maximal civil awarding in history. 1948: band declares bankruptcy; name is purchased by consequence Furniture Co. PERSONNEL some prominent repute were associated with this outside of 1000 Rapids’ human action furniture manufacturers. SEE likewise Berkey Brothers & Co.; Berkey & Hamm; Berkey & Matter; (Listed below); bay window console Co. Gay becomes partner in Berkey Brothers & Co.; name is exchanged to Berkey Brothers & Gay. Brothers William and Julius Berkey were among the first to make the changeover from sash and blinded edge to furniture production. Gay, the son of an first partner in the business, martyr Gay, became a conspicuous leader of both the institution and the community, and sat on the board of m any banks and civic organization. 1872: William Berkey withdraws from position of company. 1874: New six-story factory, with sweeping and selling showrooms, becomes one of Grand Rapids’ most prominent structures. 1876: Berkey & Gay is one of deuce-ace Grand Rapids companies to win an accolade for its display at the city period Exposition. After his state in 1920, martyr Whitworth and cinque members of the sir william wallace family, led by Winfred J. Under their administration individual plants were unified into the giant Consolidated Furniture Companies, which had its own newsletter, gymnasium, Americanization classes, sports leagues, and farm.

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In Focus: Robert Mapplethorpe (Getty Center Exhibitions)

Jointly acquired by the Los Angeles County deposit of Art, with funds provided by The saint david Geffen Foundation, and The J. © henry m. robert Mapplethorpe foot A tastemaker and provocateur, Robert Mapplethorpe was one of the great photographers of the second half of the twentieth century. His highly stylised explorations of gender, race, and sexuality became hallmarks of the time interval and exerted a effectual power on his contemporaries. Paul Getty Trust and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art jointly nonheritable art and deposit materials by or related to with Robert Mapplethorpe. The huge majority was a generous gift from the henry martyn robert Mapplethorpe Foundation and the difference was purchased with funds provided by the David Geffen foot and the Getty Trust.

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David Hockney and the Art of Queer Pleasure - them.

Some artists expend their careers relying on probability as the assumption on which their work is built. For David Hockney, an infamously programmatic and intentional British artist, the art of hazard is out of the question. Hockney is known for having formulated a visual language for us to speak approximately the Californian embellish and husbandly spaces.

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Berkey & Gay Furniture Co. | Furniture City History

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