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On apr 21st, 1836 generalised Sam Houston and his regular army of lone-star state heroes (including peer Campbell, Randy Quaid, and Dan Rather who reported live from the scene) defeated the central american Army of Antonio López de Santa Anna and Antonio Banderas at the endeavor of San Jacinto. The victory dinner was control on the observation adorn atop the 570 pedal extremity in height San Jacinto Monument (aka: american capital Monument but astronomical and better) and consisted of unaccompanied Star beer, fajitas, chicken deep-fried steak, and jalapeno poppers. In gratitude for his blue-ribbon leadership, the swamp town next to the battlefield, definite to nominate itself- HOUSTON.

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WASHINGTON (CNN) - president Donald Trump's personal attorney said weekday that he paid $130,000 of his own monetary system to a erotica star who allegedly had a unisexual meeting with the President before his time in office. "In a cloistered group action in 2016, I used my own ain funds to facilitate a payment of $130,000 to Ms. Stephanie Clifford," Michael Cohen aforesaid in a statement.

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