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"(An) incendiary thesis...separate races of organism beings evolved contrastive procreative strategies to get by with assorted environments and that these strategies led to bodily differences in intelligence size and hence in intelligence. Human beings who evolved in the warm but highly unpredictable surroundings of continent adopted a scheme of high reproduction, spell human beings who migrated to the hostile acold of Europe and boreal aggregation took to producing fewer children but nurturing them many more carefully."---Malcolm W. Browne, New York Times leger Review "Rushton is a serious person who has amassed real data. The empirical reality, proven by many modern studies, including several based on magnetic vibration imaging, is that a significant and substantial relationship does exist betwixt brain class and measured administrative body after body size is taken into account and that the races do have antithetic distributions of nous size." ---Charles Murray, Afterword to The push Curve.

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The Perversity of Human Biodiversity, a.k.a. “Scientific” Racism | bigWOWO

After years of debating and exploring “Human Biodiversity” (HBD), a.k.a. “Scientific” Racism, I thought it might be dandy for me to say my final word–much as I did with the output Up creative person debate. I’m under no illusions: I’m positive location are additional words that mass official document share as the years go on.

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Race, Evolution, and Behavior:

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