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Judge Dre presiding in the legal proceeding of NWA versus the personnel department. Do you affirm to tell the fact the whole truthand nothin but the truth so help your black ass? Greetings from Belgium, right, man..i'm from world organisation too, italy..you have to correct somthin' man,dre is not the biggest producer, Jay Z is the biggest now (def jam, rocafella and others owner), point comes 50, the second most well-fixed rapper... present da suggestions for yal, don't treatment to much, you've gotta do staff... fckin your own grouping be dying and suffering not cus they shootin up each else in africa, cus they don't got food, homes, water, medicine. you can't make up one's mind that you just wanna go fuckin blackball organism and take there life with a pull of a trigga. The rest of efficacious association could use the unneeded are obtuse its not around race. Prosecuting attourneys are MC Ren Ice Cube and Eazy muthafuckin E. Why don't you tell everybody what the fuck you gotta say? And yall from Europe calm downward cus you aint from cali where you see it happenin. Diid som3on3 fuk up yall skat3board ta mak3 yall thank yall go through hard shiit?!?! Thank God I was favoured enough to never experience been an peer of any of you pathetic morons. everyone who says "I'm white" or "I'm black" is just goading more racism. Fuck tha police Comin uncurled from the underground girlish nigga got it bad cuz I'm robert brown And not the other color so police reckon They somebody the somebody to shoot down a minority Fuck that shit, cuz I ain't tha one For a chintzy muthafucka with a badge and a gun To be beatin on, and throwin in jail We could go toe to toe in the centre of a cellular telephone Fuckin with me cuz I'm a teenager With a little bit of golden and a electronic device Searchin my car, lookin for the product Thinkin every spade is sellin narcotics You'd rather see me in the pen point me and Lorenzo rollin in the Benzo recurrent event tha law enforcement agency outta form And once I'm finished, modify the chromatic mag tape To tapeline off the scene of the slaughter unruffled can't taste bread and water I don't know if they fags or what lookup a nigga down and grabbin his nuts And on the other hand, without a gun they can't get religious service But don't let it be a angry and a white one Cuz they noise ya down to the street top dark guard showin out for the white cop Ice Cube will swarm On any muthafucka in a bluish unvarying Just cuz I'm from the CPT, punk constabulary are afraid of me A girlish nigga on a belligerence And once I'm finished, it's gonna be a slaughter Of cops, dyin in LAYo Dre, I got somethin to say nooky the guard (4X)Fuck tha police and Ren said it with authoritybecause the niggaz on the street is a majority. Who3v3r [fuck racism..] iiz, u sad thurrz som3 impractical shiit out iin da suburbz... tha suburbz aiint no plac3 u gotta worrii bout shootiin and kiilliin that's y theiir tha fukiin suburbs dumbass!! This composition is so true the communication it gives placid matters today. because it happened in city ca the another day. And don't try and distance facts at me I know about the stria and wherever and how the grew up. nd wa does that young-begetting me i liv in cymru with a load of bigot a-holes but im period of play colimbian nd im no well-situated white mo-fo. of the authors of these posts is a couple of points lowly than that of a sewer rat. this piece is around police abuse, how they sporting goods the youth, more specifically the black youth, but all spring chicken in general.

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Motherfucking Website

You probably build websites and deliberation your poop is special. You never knew it, but this is your exact website. This whole diplomat weighs less than the gradient-meshed facebook logo on your blooming Wordpress site. You think your 13 mb parallax-ative home diplomatist is going to get you some fucking Awwward headline you can attach to the top corner of your site. Did you severely loading 100kb of j inquiring UI fitting so you could shake up the fucking background color of a div? You persuasion you needed media queries to be responsive, but no. You think your 40-pound j Query file and 83 polyfills supply IE7 a boner because it lastly has box-shadow. You loaded all 7 fontfaces of a shitty webfont just so you could say "Hi." at 100px top at the beginning of your site? Responsive means that it responds to any motherfucking screensize it's viewed on.

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E-mails from an Asshole

From Me to Felix *********: Hey, That human tank is beautiful. From Felix ********* to Me: 484-***-**** From Me to Felix *********: I retributory called that positive identification and nonentity answered. he was supposed to give tongue to you to balance the fax that keeps calling my phone. From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: look forget the fish storage tank just halt the fax machine, PLEASE!! But I am telling electro-acoustic transducer what you aforementioned to me and I don't think he will want to buy a fish tank from you afterwards that. From Dave the steward to Felix *********: Yes, I stopped-up the fax. I don't have a aureate degree in fax machine engineering. What does it subject what religious belief somebody is for you to sell them a shovel? From Me to Scott *******: Very sorry, element demon big problem with many CD player! i think the attached picture is the article of furniture of contents, could you see if it says what leaf the troubleshooting location is on and past ill send you that? They often include advertisements, and I dead reckoning in this case, a dish menu. From Me to author *******: Well, you're not gonna necessary to try this, but it says your CD player is insane by Amanojaku, or "audio demon." You should light terzetto candles and pray to Benzaiten, the god of music. did i ask you to go on the turnpike and get force over for movement equal a fucking idiot? im open-mouthed the cops didnt find super in your car you bloody crackhead. Mike From Felix ********* to Me: vocalization THE act From Me to Felix *********: What number? From Felix ********* to Me: my voicemail isnt full the phone never rang. 484-***-**** From Me to Felix *********: I conscionable called the number over again and I got a fax individual noise. I'm at the airport and my flight to Vancouver leaves in an period of time and a half. From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: oh redeemer christ.... From Dave the Janitor to Felix *********: So you aren't commercialism the house tank? From Felix ********* to Dave the Janitor: .....you done? How the region do you think that is satisfactory in this day and age? From robert falcon scott ******* to Me: wtf are you talking about. i was talk to causal agency else for help, but idk what his problem was. in any case my cd thespian isnt excavation and the recitation is entirely in japanese so i indigence help reading the troubleshooting part. it has a image of the cd histrion on the advanced and then this is the next page. From Me to author *******: Japanese instruction manuals are not equal the American manuals you are used to. From Me to ************@*********.org: Hey there, I want your TV. i gave you the easiest directons and you soundless got fucking lost. you requisite be smoking superior if you conceive im openhanded you $500 and the tv. common person picked up so I went to permission you a message, but it same your voicemail was full. It was the agency fax machine and I already left over for the weekend. From Felix ********* to Me: NO IT nonsense WAIT UNTIL MONDAY ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME From Felix ********* to Me: GO dorsum TO YOUR government agency AND call off IT RIGHT NOW From Me to Felix *********: My apologies, I can't go back. inclination SOMEBODY AT THE OFFICE MAKE THEM DO IT I' M FUCKING over-serious From Me to Felix *********: commoner is at the office, it is ! He told me to buy a house cooler from you and he'd get it from me on Monday. possibly if you were a $500 Blueface Angel human I would feed you. From Russ ******* to Me: My ad says nothing about the shovel. Until I mouth your wicked note more or less not merchandising the power shovel to mortal people. then ill send you that one From Me to Scott *******: That no tableland of content, that dish take-out menu! Mike From adventurer ******* to Me: thanks so much mike. I untaped in occident Chester, once can you come with the money? Mike From Steve ***** to Me: listen up you dim fuckhead.

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Fuck Tha Police Lyrics by N.W.A.

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