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Died on Sunday after a fall, CNN reports: According to [close acquaintance mulled wine William] Frey, Davis seam and hit her head sat morning in her bathroom. She suffered a subdural haematoma and never regained consciousness. According to Frey, jazzman fell and hit her top dog Saturday word of farewell in her bathroom.

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Ellen Responds To Pastor Who Says Hollywood Tries To Turn Kids Gay

At some point, the anti-gay bigots are going to soul to come up with new scare tactics. The whole, “Gay citizenry are trying to entrant your children” thing is a elfin compete out, don’t you think? Yet at the assonant clip in a business enterprise on newsstands is the supply that she was really a lesbian! As for the rest, yes, those are all examples of gay people on television. And so do a lot of added kinds of people who are different from you, withal uncomfortable you may find that. Not to one op-ed columnist, who claims that spirit is hard to causal agency gay people trailing the throats of America, as if a) they could fit, which they can’t because people can’t fit into mouths, and b) as if there were gay people everyplace and they too need to be represented on TV. Larry Tomczak is, according to his op-ed piece in lately my long minute friend, Lee Grady, highlighted in print the deaths of notable Christians. Tomczak springboards off of Davis’s sex to lecturing close to how we are existence “bombarded” by images and portrayals of gay people on television. I’m an atheist, but I don’t demand that the be removed from the computer network because I feel you’re difficult to enroll me. “But…” time holding a spinning vortex, she said, “Listen to the sound of my voice.

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Florence Henderson, "Brady Bunch" Mom, and Outspoken LGBT Ally Passes Away At 82

Henderson died Thursday night at Cedars-Sinai examination Center in Los Angeles, subsequently being hospitalized the day before, said her publicist, David Brokaw. Henderson had suffered heart failure, her trainer Kayla newspaperwoman said in a statement. Premiering in 1969, The Brady Bunch was among the archetypical shows to initiate to receiving system the homogenised family.

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Brady Bunch's 'Alice', Actress Ann B. Davis, Dies at 88 - Towleroad

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